Fleece Fabric Manufacturer and Supplier

Fleece is a soft material with a pile surface that has excellent insulating properties. It retains body heat well, making it perfect for cold weather. This is a warm fabric that comes in a variety of materials.

Although fleece is named after the fur from sheep skins, it is not strictly natural. Most of the woolen fabrics available today are made from polyester fibres, but they can also be made from cotton, hemp, and silk fibres. This fabric is a breathable, inexpensive substitute for wool that ages well and doesn’t rip easily.

What is fleece fabric used for? 

Think versatility when you think fleece. Fleece fabric is used in the manufacture of all types of clothing, but is most often used for warm clothing.

Fleece is the material of choice for warmth because of its insulating properties. From earmuffs and vests to hats, coats, gloves, scarves, fleece jackets and blankets, there is something for everyone. Fleece clothing is also great for athletic wear as it keeps athletes dry while allowing their bodies to breathe through the fabric.

Where wool can be used, fleece is the perfect alternative as it is just as warm but lighter.

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